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Sunday, January 28th, 5pm

KAOS Network
4343 Leimert Boulevard. Los Angeles, CA 90008

In 2001 Leon Berg and myself were sent to Israel by Bernie Glassman, Zen priest and founder of  the now called Zen Peacemakers International (ZPI) to give introductory Council trainings all over the country. It was after the second Intifada. I was called to lead a council with Palestinian and Israeli women and filmed this clip at the end of it. The practice of listening deeply / spontaneous speaking  is now integral to ZPI.

Decades ago at the beach in Senegal, I caught a glimpse of a sabar dancer and drummer at the beach. It electrified me. I felt compelled to return to see it. 

The film - in collaboration with my Senegalese friends - is my exploration of the sabar culture, dancers and drummers and the joyful community it creates. 

Featuring Mané Ndiaye, Pape Ndiaye, Babacar Top. 

Producer Senegal Laye Diedhiou. Editor Bill Flicker.

Music by Seckou Keita and Omar Sosa.

fallingforthemountin laurel.png

This is the intimate and urgent story of a family 

that must come together to steward their 

ancestral home in the majestic Swiss Alps in the 

face of urbanization and climate change. The 

film follows owners, farmers and neighbors, 

all with deep ties to this open wild that asks for 


See Susanna's interview at Wild & Scenic!

My father, a country doctor in Switzerland, reflects on his relationships with dying patients, his mother and life after death. He tells the story of his identification with Isaac and the death of my sister.

A Legacy

A Legacy

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